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Pippalily Slings

On sale: $29.00
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Part Number:721

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Pippalily pouch-style baby sling is made in Canada

Stylish Dragonfly print designer fabric

100% cotton so it won’t stretch with repeated use or washing

Wide shoulder strap helps distribute the baby’s weight for maximum comfort

The simple design means you get a great fit without fiddling with straps or buckles

Can be used in various Positions

  • Front Carry Position,
  • Hip Carry Position,
  • Peek-a-Boo Position
  • Infant Pouch Position for Newborns

The Pippalily website has full videos and instructions for using all positions, how to put on the sling and safety notes.

SIZE :  Pippalily sling size will typically be the size of your fitted t-shirt.

The Dragonfly model retails for $69.00 CAD

CuddlyWrap - Designed to move with you & your baby - To be secure, yet not restrictive.

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