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How many diapers will I need? TOP

Deciding how many diapers you should buy depends on the age of your baby and how often you want to wash the diapers. Newborns will go through up to 10-12 diapers each day, as your baby gets older she will go through less diapers. Here's what we suggest to get started:

* 24-36 diapers for a newborn
* 20-24 diapers for babies over 4 months old
* 18-24 diapers for babies over 6 months old
* 36 cloth wipes (save money and never have to pick out disposable wipes for the garbage)
* 2 pail liners (makes washing much easier)

Baby's age
Number of diaper
changes per day
All in two diapers
Duo pocket diapers
(pocket diapers at night
and AI2's during the days)
Fitted diapers and covers
All in one diapers
Pocket diapers
(1 diaper + 1 insert)
0-4 months
8 AI2's and 24-36 inserts
12 Duo's and 24-36 inserts
4-6 covers 24-36 fitteds
24-36 diapers
4-12 months
8 AI2's and 20-24 inserts
10 Duo's and 20-24 inserts
4-6 covers 20-24 fitteds
20-24 diapers
12 months and up
6-8 AI2's and 18-24 inserts
10 Duo's and 18-24 inserts
4-6 covers 18-24 fitteds
18-24 diapers

Which type of cloth diaper is best? TOP

There is no best cloth diaper, just diapers that are better suited to different lifestyles to learn more about the different types of cloth diapers please click here.

My baby leaks at night, what can I do? TOP

If a diaper is expected to be worn for a much longer period of time (such as at night) adding a booster/doubler may be needed to absorb more than usual.

How do I make a wipe solution for washable wipes? TOP

2 Cups of previously boiled water
1 Tbsp of baby shampoo or baby wash
1 tsp of cooking oil or baby oil (we prefer cooking oil such as canola or olive oil)
1 Tbsp Vinegar (anti fungal)

Pour over wipes in an old wipe container or a similar plastic container of your choice.

Why do my diapers smell bad when my baby wets? TOP
An Ammonia or strong smell is caused by detergent which is left on the diaper. When urine comes in contact with the residues it turns into ammonia. Run your diapers through a hot wash with a recommended detergent. Make sure all the detergent is properly rinsed.

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