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CuddlyWrap Instructions

Enjoy your CuddlyWrap!

The strength and security of the CuddlyWrap is the fabric and the way it is tied. The ergonomic design of the CuddlyWrap means that there are no limits on the amount of time your baby can spend in the CuddlyWrap and no age or weight restrictions. The CuddlyWrap can be used as long as you and your baby/child are comfortable! The length of the CuddlyWrap allows adults of all sizes to wear the wrap.

Machine wash and dry your CuddlyWrap regularly as it will restore the size and shape of the wrap.

Premature / Newborn Babies in the CuddlyWrap

Health providers strongly recommend using the newborn hold until your baby is four to six weeks old. This provides the proper support for your baby’s developing hips and spine, as well as proper support for their neck and head. Initially, you may be most comfortable positioning your baby in the CuddlyWrap while you are seated.

CuddlyWrap - Designed to move with you & your baby - To be secure, yet not restrictive.

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