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Country Save laundry detergent

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Country Save powdered laundry detergent is very popular for a number of reasons;

(1) it works as well or better than any grocery brand of detergent,

(2) it has no perfumes, dyes or fillers that remain in your clothes after washing.

(3) it does NOT cost more than any of the major grocery brands when you figure the Cost Per Wash!

When you consider these important points, ADD to that the fact that this detergent is a low-suds formula that is perfect for the new High Efficiency / Horizontal Axis washing machines that use very little water. Here's the good point - a 40 full wash box of Country Save just became an 80 wash box if you have one of the new front load machines from Maytag or any of the European machines! You start off using a tablespoon of our detergent and see what works the best!

If you have babies or anyone else in the family that is at all skin sensitive, Country Save powdered detergent is a great product to use! It dissolves completely and rinses completely out of your clothes and there is literally no residue left in the clothes to cause skin irritation.

COLD WATER WASH…WITH HARD WATER....a phrase combination that strikes fear into the hearts of most powder manufacturers! Country Save is formulated to work perfectly in hard water that is cold or soft water that is cold. Here's the secret: Just run a quick dose of hot or warm water (no more than a quart is necessary) and throw in the Country Save! It will dissolve and work it's cleaning magic in your water and you didn't waste a lot of hot water doing it! It will rinse completely in all types of water!

40 Wash Powdered Laundry Detergent
YOU may find that it is no longer necessary to add fabric softener to your wash with Country Save powdered detergent. When your clothes are washed consistently with Country Save they feel softer because there are no residues being built up in your clothes. When the fabric wears against other fabric rather than coarse residue deposited by the other detergent, two things happen: (1) your clothes last longer, and (2) they feel softer! No brag.Just fact.

OK, we are Septic Tank Safe, don't test on animals or use animal by-products. Combine this with all the other good qualities above and you have a product worth buying.

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