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Yeast in your diapers?

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Yeast in your diapers?

Here are the different ways you can get rid of the yeast beast.

You can do a few things to kill the spores.

1. You can use an environmentally friendly bleach (peroxide  
bleach) while washing the diapers on hot or soaking the diapers in hot  
water with Oxy clean. It's very important to wash the diapers in very  
hot water to kill all the spores. It is also important that the rash be treated
before baby wears the diapers again. I would use the cream with disposables to keep  
it off of the diapers until the yeast has been cleared. This way when  
your baby has no more yeast and the diapers have no more yeast the  
problem will not come back.

2. The other option you can try is to boil some water in a large pot  
and turning the heat off then putting the diapers in with a bit of oxy  
clean (half a scoop should do the trick) once they have sat in the  
water for about 20 minutes pour the diapers into the washing machine  
(Be careful not to burn yourself!) and run through a regular hot wash  
with a small amount of detergent and vinegar in the rinse (1/2 Cup for  
a top load washing machine, 1/4 Cup in a front loading machine. Run  
an extra rinse or three delicate wash cycles (rinses better) in a front loading  
washer and dry them in the sun or in the dryer.

These deep cleaning methods are a little harder on the diapers so it is not  
recommended to do this on a regular basis, but if you can't use the  
diapers without re-infecting your baby this is what I suggest. It is also important
to note that using a detergent that does not wash properly not only will you have
a higher incidence of rashes, but also your elastic will wear out prematurely due
to the effects of ammonia this is actually harder on the diapers than the heavy duty cleaning
method to get rid of yeast. So make sure you are using a suitable detergent.

3. You can try using bleach on the diapers. Bleach will kill many but  
not all types of spores and it is very corrosive so it can put excessive wear
on the diapers elastics and the fabrics as well. I would use the
peroxide based bleach first since it seems to be equally effective without the damaging
effects of chlorine based bleach.

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