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Marie 2016-06-27
J'ai essayé plusieurs modèles de couches lavables, avoir su j'aurais acheté immédiatement les amp, j'aurais économisé temps et argent. Elles sont super bien faites, pratiques et tellement confortables sur ma fille de 3 mois. C'est vraiment un investissement intelligent, durable et écologique.
From: Montréal
Sydney 2015-06-06
I was in Winnipeg last week meeting up with my mom and dad so they could spend time with their first grandbaby 4 month old Ellie.. I have been cloth diapering her for two months now and love it! I found the store online and decided to pop in to see what there was to see.. I'm SO glad I did! the salesperson was super duper helpful can't remember her name, sorry and i loved the selection! I will definitely be visiting the store every time I come to Winnipeg!! :
From: Saskatchewan
Kristen S 2014-06-05
I love this company, the employees, the service, the store...everything. I cannot wait to go again! Such a functional system..there's an option for EVERY CLOTH DIAPERING MAMA!!!
From: Saskatchewan
Lyndsey 2014-03-11
Before switching to cloth diapers my daughter used to have blow outs that were so bad we would just cut her onesie off rather than make a mess pulling it over her head. She also had a horrible rash/thrush pretty much from day one. Since switching to cloth another ago, both problems have become things of the past! Both Melissa and Annie have been super helpful and kind every time I've been to the store. I don't have enough good things to say about AMP Diapers!
From: Landmark, MB
Robin 2013-02-12
Not only do I love that there is a cloth diaper store in Winnipeg, I also love the amp diapers, and now the peachy baby. They work amazingly! Great customer service as well, very patient when my visa/debt wasn't working. You ladies are wonderful.
From: Winnipeg
Nicole Cramer 2012-08-27
I just want to comment and let you all know that you have a GREAT product on your hands! Your XL duo pocket diaper is FABULOUS! I love the cut! There are many diapers out there that claim to be larger..and companies that use waste extenders etc. BUT..I LOVE AMP diapers in the size XL. I couldn' t help but comment! I can't tell you how many mommas I've referred to your company for buying larger diapers!
From: Martinsburg, WV - United States
Krista C. 2015-06-06
I would love to try these. I hope they're as absorbent as they say! I haven't tried a commercial diaper that lasts through the night!
Lorraine H. 2012-01-05
I received my package today and I absolutely LOVE my Duo Pocket Diapers!! They are so soft and cute!! The bamboo inserts are super soft as well. It makes me wish I would have stocked my diaper stash with only AMP diapers and inserts! Thank you!!
From: Alberta
Krystal 2011-12-21
I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with amp diapers. My little luna never gets bum rash, is Eco friendly and oh so cute in her styling nappies. I've taken them all around thenworld with me and the people are constantly asking where I got them. It's tough making Descisions about how to raise your kiddies, but this is one choice I feel absolutely proud of. Thank you amp for the great diapers and the always helpful and accommodating customer service.
From: Madrid, spain
Kathy 2011-05-12
Love LOVE these diapers! I've tried several kinds but nothing compares. I use the AI2 and Duo with hemp and never had a leak yet!
From: Nova Scotia
Shirley-Anne 2011-03-11
I love love love AMP diapers. I have both the AI2 and the OS Duo. The elastic is the best I've found on any diaper I've tried. It is nice and stretchy so it doesn't leave red marks on the thighs, but it keeps everything sealed up tight - no leaks!
From: Montreal
Marie Beaudry 2011-01-13
I love our AMP Diapers. We have a few other brands and nothing compares to AMP's. They're soft, fit great, and can the all in two's can last all day.
From: CA
Jenn R 2010-08-04
Thank you so much for making an amazing product that is local and green! We have tried 4 other types of cloth diapers and AMP'S are our favorite for sure. This diaper could convert anyone with an open mind. The price point is fair and the product is well made and worth every penny. At 4 months old, my baby has not had one leak in his AMP'S and has never had a diaper rash! Great job on this amazing product. I will recommend to anyone who is thinking about cloth diapering! Jenn
From: Winnipeg
Danielle Gzebb 2010-01-28
Annie - Thank you so much for all of your help with our conversion from disposable to cloth for our little Milla. Your knowledge and advice has been indispensable and we absolutely love your diapers and all of the cute colours that we were able to pick up for her. As a mom to four, the idea of going to cloth seemed daunting, but with the AIO's my husband is thrilled to change it just like a regular disposable and with your pocket diapers, i'm thrilled with being able to adjust the diaper absorbency to get her through the night without leaks. Thank you again for all of your help and patience! Best, Danielle, Adam and baby Milla.
From: Winnipeg
Anne 2010-01-14
We love our AMP diapers! The All-in-Ones get rave reviews from everyone who sees them, and who has changed my son's diapers. There are cute, durable, absorbent and comfy. The Duo diapers are also awesome because they fit so well for such a long time, and they dry quickly! Thanks Annie for such wonderful products, you have made cloth diapering FUN!
From: Port Moody BC
Sara 2009-08-06
I have loved my one-size duo AMP diapers. They are the softest pocket I've tried, and are very trim. They're really sturdy--they're in great shape after many, many washes. I like the one-size duo both with the 3-layer hemp insert--very absorbant--and the bamboo insert for when we need something trim. The one-size duo is the trimmest diaper that I've found that actually holds everything in. I highly recommend these diapers, and hope they gain popularity in the U.S. Thank you Annie!
From: Durham, North Carolina
Elizabeth 2009-04-20
I thought I'd take the time to add a tip I've discovered with wasing diapers in a front loader.....My washer LG uses an inadequate amount of water at least in my opinion for washing my diapers ... but by fiddling with different settings discovered that the Perm Press setting would fill the washer with more water! much more than the normal cycle and the cotton/towel setting. Also ....adding water,or soaking dippes just to saturate them before starting cycle tricks the machine which weighs the load firsttherefore, giving the load greater water output. Hope this is helpful for other families like us washing diapers in front loaders...which can be slightly more challenging. Momma to 7 blessings.
From: Alberta

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